From Urban to Rural - Peer 2 Peer Program European Creative Hubs

DINAMO10 and Espacio Arroelo were one of the 10 projects selected for the Peer to Peer exchange under the Creative FLIP project co-financed by the European Commission, led by the Goethe-Institut and the European Network of Creative Hubs. In October we had the opportunity to visit this space in Pontevedra and work on the creation of cross-border cooperation networks.

  • Day 1. ECHN presentation to the digital nomad community of Anceu Coliving.

During this session Joana, from Dinamo 10, explained what is ECHN and how does it work. Of course, we shared how Espacio Arroelo and Dinamo 10 met each other in Brussels thanks to the ECHN. That was the beginning of our international adventure.

  • Day 2. Discovering Espacio Arroelo and how we build a network in the city of Pontevedra.

During this day, we organized a breakfast online and offline in Espacio Arroelo. Also, we made a visit to Espacio Matrioska, a creative space founder by artists and we had lunch with our coworkes and partners from Ticket2europe.

La Platanera is a creative space founded by Andrea, an artist from the region. The project started from a survival need in a small atlantic island, A Illa de Arousa. They offer printing on ceramics, textile, or paper workshops, and have an art residence.

  • Day 4. Entrepreneurial mentoring in times of covid. We organized the day in two different phases:

In the morning, thanks to Helder Teixeira from Dinamo 10, e had the opportunity to brainstorm about the Creative Habitat team. It is a project to join creative spaces from Galicia to the North of Portugal, from Santiago to Porto. We had the visit of Andy from Wow, a coworking space in Porto.

Later, we did an open session with our collegue and coworker Ignacio Márquez from Ticket2europe about Erasmus + and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

After lunch, we had an Inspirational talk with Espacio arroelo alliances: Anceu Coliving, Eleven Yellow and Finsa company. We had the opportunity to share our views about how to re-imagine the future on remote jobs, big corporates and innovation trough creative spaces.

De Vella a Bella is a local initiative to promote activism and active participation of the 60+ generation. They showed their project and we talked about how to create intergenerational communities.

As a result of this exchange, the main results are the following:

  1.  We had the time to reflect about the difficult situation the creative hubs are going troguh. This meant to put in common our needs. We came to a clear conclusion: how neccesary it is to be in contact and help each other. After this exchange, we are going to develop a montlhy meeting between us and other creative hubs to keep on helping each other.
  2. We created new bonds with other creative hubs of the region. Specifically, we will keep on meeting once per month with Espacio Matrioska to work on future collaborations. In fact, the next meeting will be on the 19 th November.
  3. We began to think on a new project between creative hubs from Galicia and Portugal. It will be focused on how to help entrepreneurs troguht short long term residencies in coliving and coworking spaces of the region. It will be like a acceleration program based on the relevance of the slow mode, the need of disconection and the importance of connecting with other entrepreneurs. You will have news soon 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity European Creative Hubs Network, Creative Flip and European Union.