Miguel Filgueiras


Borned in 1980, Miguel Filgueiras since an early age devoted himself to video. He did his studies in Fine Arts in ESTAGD, where he concluded a college degree in 2004. Throughout his professional life he has been developing different artistic approaches, working individually or in a team on video art, video installation, motion graphics, video performance and experimental video. He is also involved in social and cultural events and documentary film, exploring anthropologic subjects as an inspiration for his artistic work. We won the first prize of Jovens Criadores 2003 and during the following year his work started being part of the PLMJ’s collection, commissioned by Miguel Amado. In 2005. Using the cumulative effects of his previous works, he directed his first auteur film denominated «Alto do Minho», a documental portrait about the identity and the ethnography of the Portuguese northern region of Alto Minho. The national film premiere was in January 2012, in the same year he debuted as a speaker at TEDx Talks in the city of Guimarães (European Capital of Culture 2012).