Tiago de Matos


Visual artist based in Madrid and curator of the LAB 448 art Laboratory. Born in Portugal, Tiago de Matos starts his artistic path while a child when, as an actor, he participated in his hometown in a small theater group. At the age of 18 he discovered the art of performance theatre and the use of his body as a mean to express himself as an artist. Since then he has been involved in artistic projects in Portugal, Brazil, Hungary and Spain related to the individual capability for becoming multiples by exploring different entities. In 2010, when he moved to Madrid, he started to experience photography as his core expression instrument. Tiago explores the concept of identity and its facets, such as gender or sexuality, through representations of the body and through the use of his own body during the creative process. He feeds on moments of his childhood and adolescence to give life to identities that represent moments of vulnerability.