Joana Carvalho


Is an architect and founder of DINAMO10 Creative Hub. She started this community with the belief that collaboration and cooperation are the fundamentals for creative work and business success.
After 4 years in Barcelona, in 2007 she returned to her hometown to establish her architecture studio and to to kickstart one of the first cowork spaces in Portugal in 2010, aiming to scale on impact rather than in size.
In 2016 she co-founded Viana tech Meetups, which intend to be a meeting point for professionals in the tech sector, where her role is to connect this community to the creative sector .
Since 2017 D10 is part of the European Creative Hubs Network, a community that promotes innovation through the cultural and creative sector.
Since 2019, as a member of Creative Commons Portugal, she aims to implement projects with relevance to the creative community, such as CC Local Point, an initiative of DINAMO10.