Edith Schaadt


After having choosen the north of Portugal as my adoptive country I settled in Viana. I am Swiss, it’s a nice country, but I love the warm-hearted portuguêse people and their different life style.

To work in Dinamo10 gives me the feeling of support and beeing part of an dynamic group of creative, young and intelligent professionals. I love to study in this surrounding, improve my language skills or work for my curent training in Mediation of conflicts. My former professions where in the field of Organisation, Information technology and Administration. At the same time, to be closer at the pulse of life, I worked many years part-time in a hospital as an auxiliary nurse.

Now, getting closer to the age of retirement, I am free and able to do all the things that are still on my list, which is a great privilege.
  • Job title: Conflits Mediation
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: D10 Residents