Constança Araújo Amador


Constança Araújo Amador was born in 1984 and lives in Porto. Constança has a Masters in Illustration and Animation, a post-graduate course in Cultural Management and BA in Visual Arts (Painting) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto. She completed her course under the Socrates-Erasmus program in Prague, Czech Republic, AVU - Akademie vytvarnych umeni v Praze in 2008. Constança believes in poetry and in developing her artistic work in the areas of painting, drawing and illustration. She has participated in individual and group exhibitions since 2006 and was nominated for Lux Magazine, Women's Personality 2013 in the category of Visual Arts. Until 2015 she was Head of Illustration at The Newpaper of the University of Porto (JUP). She often does workshops of illustration for children and adults. Published books: "Palavras-Chave", Trinta-por-uma-linha (2017); “Simão e a Caixa de Pensar”, Trinta por uma Linha (2016); “Geração Descartável”, Texto Sentido (2015); “Pessoas”, Apuro Edições (2015); "Melancholia", Aonorte Cineclube Viana (2013)
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: D10 Gallery