Claudia Costanzo


Claudia has dedicated her entire professional life to the arts, combining her activity as a cultural manager with fine art photography. After studying Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston, she worked in cultural programming for The Spanish Institute in New York City, as Program Officer for the Fulbright Program in Madrid and as International Project Coordinator for the Visual Artists Association of Madrid-based Artists (AVAM.)

The educational and cultural exchange programs she administered included those co-financed by U.S. Government and the Spanish Ministry of Culture (addressed to arts administrators, visual and performing artists); the Spanish Authors and Editors Society (SGAE - for playwrights, choreographers and film makers), and the Regional Government of Madrid (site specific installations by international artists)

Dinamo 10 became her immediate focus of attention when she moved to Viana in December 2017. She claims that It was here that she found the perfect environment to work on her photographic archive and perhaps even reactivate her consultancy in support of international artist residencies.

Claudia has also shared with us that Portugal has been in her photographic eye for many years. She has always been especially inspired by the use of color in the country, and some of her photographs of Portugal have already been exhibited publicly in private galleries and art fairs in Madrid. Dinamo 10 will be the base from which she plans to revisit her archive and select images for a series of photography books on “The Colors of Portugal.”
  • Job title: Cultural Manager | Photographer | D10 Official Smile Spreader
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: D10 Residents