Alexandre Mendes


"Alexandre Mendes, feels driven when designing the intersection of Psychology, Business and Technology, specially when adding social value.
Has a degree in Psychology and learned as much in books, podcasts, MOOCs and surfing on iTunesU.
Alexandre has worked on HR Depts. in a few major companies in the country and then moved to challenge knowledge transference from Universities to the community.
As a co-founder of Os tais (do vídeo), a lovely video company, Alexandre started to be part of the entrepreneurship community in Portugal either sharing knowledge, advisory and experiences in Universities, but also working with the most influential agents in the country like Passaporte do Empreendedorismo (IAPMEI), TecMinho, Startup Pirates, BetaStart, Liftoff, Startup Weekend, Startup Braga, etc.
More recently was a co-author of A Alma do Negócio, a road book for entrepreneurs where he shared the experience of hosting and caring entrepreneurs at Factory Cowork and Business Center and at Startup Braga.
Lately he’s consulting startups becoming grown up companies mostly tuning the employee experience and organizational design, leadership and team matters. Right now you can find him cross-pollinating big corporations with startup tools and culture ingredients fostering innovative ecosystems in big corporations."