VIANA TECH MEETUP #6 B2H Human Digitalization

In this 6th session, we will have Rui Cruz - Bsolus Company Manager, a company focused on E-commerce solutions, Consultancy and Digital marketing. Rui is an entrepreneur focused on e-commerce business with over 14 years of experience. He founded his first company Bsolus at the age of 24 and continued on by founding two other companies: Beevo and My7Stores. He is a specialist in online business, E-commerce and E-marketing.

During this session, Rui will depicts how the most technologically advanced companies instead of trying to digitalise their processes, investigate how their digital solutions can be humanised, build artificial intelligence systems and deliver solutions to the everyday life’s problems. The purpose of this session is to share the B2H (Business-to-Human) thinking line with the audience.

6:30PM: Arrivals and welcoming
6:45PM: Rui Cruz
07:45PM: Networking awesomeness

  • Local: DINAMO10 - Rua do Trigo, 55
  • Date 20 April 2017 | 18h30
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: Viana Tech Meetups
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