VIANA TECH MEETUP #11 Insights for the Future of the Internet

For the 2018 kickoff (11th session), we will have Wayne Andersen, an American Retired IT lad that lives in Portugal, and Nélson Dias, CEO of a great northern Portuguese agency called Digital Species (
Wayne has worked in the computer industry since 1981. His professional experience has ranged from large to small corporations as well as the academic world. He has contributed to varying roles from Sales, Research, Development, Technical Support and Training. Wayne will bring his insights about the competing values of free speech, commerce, privacy and regulation. As industry insiders we have to be aware of how we can and must shape these values to fit the future that we desire.
Nélson has a background in Science and Education. He’s interested in applying technology to solve common problems. In this talk, some cases of web and mobile technologies and their speed of adoption will be revisited, as well as the way we look at our current state and what we envisage for the near future. How fast can a technology have a global adoption?
6:00PM: Arrivals and welcoming
6:30PM: Nélson Dias, CEO Digital Species
7:00PM: Wayne Andersen, Retired IT super hero
7:30PM: Networking awesomeness
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  • Local: Viana Tech - Praça da Liberdade, Piso 1, Fração 2
  • Date 15 February 2018 | 18h00
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: Viana Tech Meetups