Is taking the unknown as certain, but having a destination as a common place, the we board on this trip calling the local community from Viana.
Viana Abordo presents itself to its community as a safe haven. A moment of mutual learning and sharing where the most relevant issues for all are debated. In this trip, everyone has their role and everyone will have an active and decisive part in identifying the present challenges in our community and in the co-creation of opportunities that result from them.
With particular focus on entrepreneurship and open innovation, we will cover several topics along the upcoming sessions, which will result in insights for areas such as local development, social inclusion and cohesion, training, development and talent gathering.
We believe in an increasingly cohesive and competitive Viana, capable of differentiating itself and adding value in a globalized world.
Checking-in is the first moment of this trip. In it, we will present to you the initiative and all the contextual framework.
We will welcome the partners and we will also have a special guest (Marc Navarro) who comes from Barcelona to do the kick-off of this journey.

We count on you, aboard!

  • Participants: Marc Navarro
  • Local: Café Concerto do Teatro Municipal de Viana do Castelo
  • Date 08 November 2018 | 18h00
  • City / Country: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  • Category: Viana Abordo
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