Viana Tech Meetups

Viana Tech Meetups are events and workshops in the city of Viana do Castelo. These meetups aim to foster networking and knowledge sharing about technology and entrepreneurship, with a diverse range of topics such as Startups, Product Process Design, Web development, Internet of Things, etc. Once per month we will have a session or workshop, and everybody is welcome to assist or to propose talks!

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Viana Tech Meetup #13 Agile is Dead

Speaker: Pedro Gustavo Torres

Local: XpandIT

Date 21 June 2018 | 18h00

Scrum is today the most adopted Agile practice in the world. Since it was introduced to the world in 1995 in the Oopsla conference at Austin, Texas, in the USA, by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, Scrum changed the way the majority of the organizations develop software. Organisations, courses, trainers, certifications, and adoption success case studies emerged since then… but what’s
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VIANA TECH MEETUP #11 Insights for the Future of the Internet

Local: Viana Tech - Praça da Liberdade, Piso 1, Fração 2

Date 15 February 2018 | 18h00

For the 2018 kickoff (11th session), we will have Wayne Andersen, an American Retired IT lad that lives in Portugal, and Nélson Dias, CEO of a great northern Portuguese agency called Digital Species ( Wayne has worked in the computer industry since 1981. His professional experience has ranged from large to small corporations as well as the academic world. He
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Tech is transforming our lives

Speaker: Joana Carvalho; David Cunha

Local: Biblioteca da ESTG-IPVC

Date 23 November 2017 | 18h00

And we're back for the 2nd season! In this 10th session, we will make an overview about our first sessions and the future of VTMs. Also we will welcome Joana Carvalho from Dinamo10 and Jorge Oliveira, CEO and Co-Founder of siosLife to speak about their work and involvement in the tech scene. 6:00PM: Arrivals and welcoming 07:00PM: Networking awesomeness This meetup is kindly hosted by
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Speaker: Diogo Soares

Local: DINAMO10 - Rua do Trigo, 55

Date 20 July 2017 | 18h30

In this 9th session, we will have Diogo Soares - Software Architect at Grupo Base (Base Holding SGPS). With more than 5 years of experience, Diogo is responsible for the innovation department of the company and a true fan of software architecture, data structures and algorithms.  During this session, Diogo will give and overview of Vaadin 8 framework architecture and will explain the best
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Local: DINAMO10 - Rua do Trigo, 55

Date 22 June 2017 | 18h30

In this 8th session we will have Tiago Pedras and Sara Ramos, Founder and Designer at The New Digital School, a groundbreaking alternative in design higher education in Porto. As an industry and a community, we web designers aren’t advancing as fast as we should. Design has shifted from methodology to methodology teaching us to consider many aspects of the usage experience. Technology
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VIANA TECH MEETUP #6 B2H Human Digitalization

Local: DINAMO10 - Rua do Trigo, 55

Date 20 April 2017 | 18h30

In this 6th session, we will have Rui Cruz - Bsolus Company Manager, a company focused on E-commerce solutions, Consultancy and Digital marketing. Rui is an entrepreneur focused on e-commerce business with over 14 years of experience. He founded his first company Bsolus at the age of 24 and continued on by founding two other companies: Beevo and My7Stores. He is a specialist in online
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